1. Graphic Design

  2. Logos/Business Cards

  3. Shareholder Reports

  4. Postcards/Greeting Cards

  5. Brochures and Catalogs

  6. Book Publishing Support

  7. Cover and Page Design

  8. Illustration

  9. Copyright/ISBN

  10. Editing

  11. Print Production

  12. Fine Art

  13. Prints

  14. Figure Drawings

  15. Portraits

  16. Paintings


For over 25 years, Avenue Design has provided graphic design services and printing support for numerous individual, small business, non-profit, and corporate clients—on both a local and national level. In the last few years, we have added book publishing and printing support for independent authors.

Despite the migration of marketing and promotion to the world-wide web, there is still a need for traditional print production. Whether your project requires digital or print-ready files, you can count on our attention to detail and customer satisfaction.

When I chose the name of our company in 1985, it grew from my belief that there are many avenues of expression leading to visual communication. As the world of printing and publishing has changed, I have remained committed to providing fine art in both my commercial and personal work.

Please call or email for more information:

Avenue Design, Inc.

Kathy Carl

P.O. Box 512

Fort Bragg, CA 95437